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SJOICJJGNBTemplates - mail.ntf - Fixed an issue where an incorrect From address occurs when replying to a message when the option "Show display names as...
MDAACNDL88Templates - pubnames.ntf - Fixed an issue where the holiday for Hanukkah was showing an incorrect end date of 2017. This regression was introduced...
XYGUCNKDZ5Templates - pubnames.ntf - Fixed an issue with the ID Recovery feature where, after disabling the feature, the "Recovery Configuration" tab was not...
AYAVCP5ENDTemplates - mail14.ntf - Fixed an issue where doing a Reply or Reply to All action on certain emails would result in 'invalid universal id' and 'No...
CEBSCQBR7DTemplates - pubnames.ntf - Improved the pop-up help text for the External Server URL field under the Notes Traveler tab of the Server form in the...
DLIMCKRMWLTemplates - mail14.ntf - Calendar - Fixed an issue with DOMI where including a Zoom link for meetings being created before the current time would...
ANIACLV8XBTemplates - pubnames.ntf - Fixed an issue in pubnames.ntf where Japanese Holiday Documents were not updated. This regression was introduced in...
SBOECJBDH3Templates - mail14.ntf - Fixed an issue where replying to specific mails with Reply and Reply to All would result in "No RESUME" and "Invalid...
PDARCJFFB5Templates - mail14.ntf - Calendar - Fixed an issue where the wrong time date was being displayed under the update notice for an invitee from a...
PDARCKDAEGTemplates - mail14.ntf - Fixed an issue with DOMI where Online Meeting state was not reset to default option if an error occurred creating the...
PDARCKUEXPTemplates - mail14.ntf - Fixed an issue with DOMI where calendar would incorrectly show "There is no online meeting" text when user reopened a...
CSAHCN8Q9DTemplates - pubnames.ntf - Security - Certificates - Fixed an issue with the 64 bit Admin client where the option to Export Certificates to Deploy...
KKHOCKZLW9Templates - pubnames.ntf - Policies - Fixed an issue where notes.ini settings pushed to the Notes client via desktop setting set in an explicit...
DNADCN6FZNTemplates - certstore.ntf - Fixed an issue where user was unable to specify additional servers after TLS Credentials import if server list changes...
JJARCQBC6XTemplates - pubnames.ntf - Fixed an issue in pubnames.ntf ($MailGroups) and ($VIMPeople) views where usernames with Turkish special characters were...
BKANCQETSPTemplates - mail14.ntf - Fixed an issue where Open Calendar from Group Calendar did not work and did not show any error message.
SJAICQLELXTemplates - pubnames.ntf - Fixed an issue where TOTP Configuration Check in a person document would fail in multi-organizations in the same Domino...


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